domenica 24 agosto 2014

Between paper and tape

Hullo to anyone who still knows about this blog.
Stuff has happened, and will continue to happen, such is life, you know?

Out of curiosity i've checked how many copies of "between paper and tape" i've sold since i've made it avaible on lulu and the answer is 0, so i think it's unuseful to have it still there: it's just another account i've to remember about. Maybe it will fare better as webcomic, even though i've got a bit of remorse, since there has been one (or two) person(s) who bought it, when it came out for iphone and ipad, back in the... uhm, i don't remember. Well, anyway, for now i've taken it out so... i'll grey out the banner as soon as i've got the time to work on it.