martedì 30 agosto 2011

Il grande manto bianco - reverse engeneering

E dopo il fumetto per la fanzine ecco che ci si appresta al completamento del progetot per il contest di lucca di quest'anno

mercoledì 24 agosto 2011

a tale out of the blue.

‎...when something sharp hit the princess chamber's window sending a thousand glass fragments flying around the floor and scaring the poor girl. When the beats of her heart slowed down, the princess saw, between what remained of her window, thin oblong things, the size of her fist, reflect, in iridiscent shades of green, the light of the storm outside. Where those the things that broke her window? Looking closely she noted that there was something familiar about them... The girl took a few steps toward what remained of the window frame and casted a quick glance at the courtyard. What she saw remained vivid in her mind for many years after. The dragon, guarding her tower, was shocked by waves that made him twist and rock with such force that the rain around him was made thin and cloudy like fog. With every wave the scales of his body heaved and lowered like a living thing and those at the tips of his body were scattered around in blue-green swarms. The girl saw the dragon lose his scaly armor patch by patch, until his flash was bare. Vivid veins of red and blue criss-crossed his body like a nightmare of wires, a sight that froze the pricess mind, as well as her body. From the depths of her coscience a stream of dark fear and horror surged to her lips, entwining spidery words that speeded though the air. Too late she came to her senses, too late she realized that the words she spoke, out of fear and disgust, were words of magic. A lightning, like no other, flashed through the air striking the dragon with the full force of the whole storm condensed.
Between the smoke that sailed from the earth, the huge head of the beast raised one last time. In its golden eyes there was no horror, no fear, just an inextinguishable pain. Even though the dragon did not wispered a single word, in the mind of the princess a scream pierced her thoughts, surging to her eyes in big watery tears. What has she done? Why? Out of fear she used her power. Out of disgust she denied life.
The sun peered between the clouds, casting a shaft of light on the tormented body of the beast, reavealing the tips of new scales that were emerging from his skin, before the lighning struck. They were the light green of new buds.
From that day on the princess never spole again.

Mi è appena venuto in mente che, a parte il post originale su faccialibro, non ho registrato da nessun'altra parte questo racconto breve... almeno fin'ora. Sarà pieno di errori visto com'è nato, ma mi riservo di scriverlo un po' meglio appena ho tempo.

martedì 23 agosto 2011

venerdì 12 agosto 2011

Between Paper and Tape: project on hold

Stuff happened, stuff may happen in the near future... so, for now, you won't be able to have "between paper and tape" on your apple device.


Per una serie di coincidenze e avvenimenti cosmici, "tra carta e pellicola" non è più disponibile su appstore. Presto lo sarà Altrove (detto anche Time zero, se ben ricordo... cit.)