mercoledì 24 febbraio 2010

Drawing instead of...

The more i look at my books the more i know i won't pass the exam.
That aside, lately i feel the urge to draw freely, without thinking at the process, whitout caring of anything but the first impression the image's blacks and whites gives me.

Ultimamente sembra quasi che quel che piace a me nelle immagini sia sbagliato. E' davvero irritante, sembra dire che faccio qualcosa di buono solo quando evito di metterci passione.
Ed ecco che ho perso un'altra oretta e mezza.

lunedì 22 febbraio 2010

Chemestry and Zuda

L'idea era di postare uno screenshot dal lavoro che ho fatto per il Burumballa, le dieci tavole più sudate della mia vita (o tra le più sudate comunque). Ma ancora ci devo lavorare, ancora devo correggere i colori e ancora devo devo scrivere la presentazione (l'ho sempre detto che non sopravviverò a me stesso). Dciamo che quando ho qualcosa di veramente definitivo lo metterò su.
Ah, facciamo che non menziono chimica và
It's always nice to see your things commented. It's always difficult to have comments on DA (at least for me) and lately also on FA.
What really is painful is replying after days or even weeks after the original comment. When looking at Zuda's comments i always want to reply istantly, but there's always something that holds me: wanting to reply with something more than just "thanks!", for exaple. I don't know if those who comment comes back to read the reply, it would be nice.
Anyway, if you want to read my comic on Zuda here's the direct link:

giovedì 4 febbraio 2010

New and upcoming

When i posted the "new cover for an old comic" (see entry on 06/01/10) i had decided to sell "25th birthday" via ordinary mail since it fitted the standard postal envelope size (8 pages 10,5x14,8cm).
Now i'm thinking about doing another comic that size. I already have few preliminary scketches and before university kicked in i was working on the storyboards. As soon i finish the pages for "Burumballa" i'll be working on the game and probably to this new comic (hopefully). Here some sketches:

Ah by the way, i never said much about"25th birthday" itself so here the first page (with crude translation which will be re-done): CLICK ME!
For more informations mail me or comment this entry!